Joining SCBBN

Membership Policy
The purpose of the Southern California Business Brokers’ Network is to provide its members additional resource to grow their businesses by drawing on the experience of its’ fellow members. As such, a policy for screening and admitting new members is justified and desirable.

I. Classes of Membership

Regular – A business broker or agent, actively engaged in the business as his/her primary professional activity.

Affiliate – A business resource for the members. Must offer specialized knowledge which will help us grow and solve our problems. Pains will be taken to avoid taking more than one Affiliate member in any field of expertise unless an additional benefit to the membership is present.

Honorary – A member of the business community who, at the decision of the Executive Committee, may bring prestige and credibility to SCBBN.

II. Qualifications – for Regular Membership

A candidate must be licensed as a Broker or Agent by the California Department of Real Estate, in good standing, and actively engaged in Business Brokerage as his/her primary professional activity.

A candidate shall have been engaged in business brokerage for at least one year, or have completed 3 transactions in order to qualify for membership.

A candidate must be sponsored by a current active member.

An Affiliate member must bring an unusual depth of experience in business that would be of specific benefit to members and be sponsored by a current active member.

III. Admission

Any Active Member has the right to invite any individual guest to attend any one regular meeting.

If further interested. Sponsoring Active Member shall submit candidate’s credentials to the Executive Committee on Standard Membership Application form. The Executive Committee will review the applicant’s Initial Eligiblility for its Conditional Approval.

Candidate will then be required to attend any three Regular SCBBN meetings within a 6 month in order to be considered for permanent membership.

An applicant shall supply satisfactory evidence that they conduct themselves and their business in compliance with the law and in a reputable manner. They must also supply satisfactory evidence of expertise in the field of business opportunity sales.

Final Executive Committee approval will be required before granting membership.

IV.Dues –

No fee shall be charged for making application for membership.
Annual dues shall be determined from time to time on the vote of the membership.

The membership of any member who fails to pay dues when they become payable, or within 30 days there from, shall automatically terminate at the end of that 30 day period unless an arrangement has been made with SCBBN. Reinstatement may be approved by majority vote of the Executive Committee and payment of a $25.00 late fee.

V. Suspension and Expulsion

Any member of this organization may be
censured, suspended or expelled, for good cause, provided they are given
notice of these proceedings and given the opportunity to be heard in their
own defense at a hearing before the Executive Committee. A two-thirds
vote of the members present shall determine membership status. “Good
Cause” shall include:
a. Failure to abide by the By-Laws and Code of Ethics of this Organization.
b. Demonstrated incompetence in the field of Business
Opportunity sales thereby reflecting on the competence of the SCBBN members
c. Violation of the Real Estate law of the State of California causing their license to be revoked or suspended.

Initiation of proceedings may be made by petition of 20% of the membership to the Executive Committee or by majority vote of Executive Committee. Member shall be notified of a hearing on the issues, before the Executive Committee, within 30 days.

A hearing will be informal in nature, presided over by the Executive Committee. Both sides will be heard, and a two-thirds vote of Executive Committee members present will decide the issue.

VI. Meetings of the Membership
Meetings shall be held monthly at a time and place to be determined by
the Executive Committee. The majority approval of the membership shall be required for permanent relocation of meetings.

VII Voting
Each Regular and Affiliate member shall be entitled to one vote

VIII Guest
Any Active Member has the right to invite any individual guest to attend any one regular meeting.

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